Solarium & Skylight Systems
General Specifications

Section 07820 Metal Framed Skylights

Part 1: General

1.01 Work Included

    1. Design, fabrication and erection of extruded aluminum skylight frames.
    2. Skylight glass and glazing
    3. Skylight related flashing

1.02 Related Work

    1. Structural steel framing
    2. All curbs and steel reinforcement necessary to support skylight framing
    3. Curbs flashing
1.03 System Description
    A. Design Requirements
    1. Extruded aluminum members with integral guttering system, which allows the transfer of condensation to exterior.
    2. Water Penetration: No water penetration shall occur when system is tested in accordance with ASTM E 331. Water penetration is defined as the appearance of uncontrolled water, other than condensation, on the interior of the skylight.
    3. Provide for expansion and contraction of all components capable of withstanding ambient temperature change of 100 degrees F without failure, leaks or noise.
    4. Air infiltration shall not exceed 0.06 cfm of total glazed surface area when tested in accordance with ASTM E 283.
    B. Structural Performance
    1. Skylight structural members shall be designed to support the following loads:
      1. Live load____psf.
      2. Wind load____psf.
      3. Negative pressure____psf.
      4. Concentrated load____psf.
    1. Deflection of framing members when subjected to the above loads shall not exceed L/175 when fully loaded.
    C. Experience Qualification
    1. All work including design, fabrication, installation and glazing shall be the responsibility of a single source manufacturer having been regularly and continually engaged in manufacturing and installing trouble free skylight projects, comparable in scope and complexity to that being proposed, for the previous 5 years.

1.04 Submittals

    A. Shop Drawing
    1. Submit full scale shop drawings showing plans, elevations and cross sections.
    B. Calculations
    1. Submit structural calculations signed by a license structural engineer demonstrating compliance with design requirements as herein specified.

1.05 Warranty

    1. The skylight(s) shall be warranted for a period of 5 years after completion against leakage, defective design, material and construction. All defective materials shall be repaired or replaced after proper notification, at no cost to the owner. This warranty does not included consequential damages.
    2. Glass and glazing material is warranted against seal failure, delamination, or defects per the manufacturers standard warranty.

Part 2: Products

2.01 Manufacturer

    1. Drawings, specifications and quality are based upon products designed and manufactured by Solarium and Skylight Systems, Inc. (415) 456-7644.
    2. Substitutions
    1. Products of other manufacturers propose, as equivalent products must be approved in writing by the architect ten days prior to bid date.
    2. Submit complete details, structural calculations, technical data, and performance certifications including references showing completed projects comparable in complexity a size over the previous 5 years.

2.02 Materials

    A. Framework
    1. Skylight framing member, including rafters, cross bars, caps and perimeter curbs, shall be extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T5 or 6061-T5 of sufficient thickness and size to meet the design requirements.
    2. Flashing, trim and closures shall be aluminum sheet having a minimum thickness of .040 inches.
    3. Glazing tapes and gaskets
      1. Primary seal shall be pressure sensitive, 100% solid butyl rubber having a shore hardness 76 durometers at 77 degrees F and with a service temperature range. Compression design 20-30%
      2. Exterior glazing cap gaskets to be EPDM bulb type having a hardness of 70+ -5 durometer.
    1. Setting blocks
      1. Black neoprene to have a shore hardness of 80+ -5 durometers.
    1. Fasteners
      1. Exterior fasteners (cap retainers) shall be 300 series stainless steel pan head screws and concealed by extruded aluminum cap covers.
      2. Fasteners used to anchor frame to support structure shall be zinc plated steel. Sizes and quantity as necessary to meet structural requirements.
    B. Finish
    1. Standard
      1. Mill finish, as extruded.
      2. Dark bronze anodized AA-M10C22A34 class II.
      3. TGIC polyester powder coating using manufacturers standard colors.
    1. Custom
      1. Clear, Medium Bronze, Dark Bronze or Black anodized AA-M10C22A42 (Duranodic) class I.
      2. Fluorocarbon Coating, Kynar-500 by Pennwalt Corp. In accordance with AAMA-605.2 in standard colors as selected from manufactures color chart. Custom colors as selected by architect.
    C. Glass
    1. All glazing materials shall meet the latest edition of the Uniform Building Code. (check your local building department). Glass size limitation shall be in accordance with guidelines published by American Architects Manufacturers Associates (Glass Design for Slope Glazing).
    2. Single Glazing: Laminated glass, thickness and type as recommended by AAMA having a minimum thickness of 1/4" (1/8" ˝ 0.030 ˝ 1/8").
    3. Insulating Glazing: Insulated glass having a minimum make up of 3/16" tempered glass, 1/2" air spacer, 1/4" annealed (heat strengthened as required) laminated (1/8"-0.040- 1/8") glass.
    4. Wire Glass: 1/4" wire glass (clear of obscure) conforming to restrictions set by American Architectural Manufacturers Association Code.

2.03 Fabrication

    1. Skylight shall be fabricated and reassembled in manufactures shop, checked for accuracy and fit, to assure the highest quality control. All exposed fasteners shall be counter sunk and painted to match frame finish.

Part 3: Execution

3.01 Field Dimension

    1. Prior to fabrication examine the curb and framing which the skylight attach to and provide notification of any condition which does not conform to the skylight. Acceptance of the framing substrates shall indicate the start of fabrication and adjust the skylight construction to accommodate the field conditions.

3.02 Galvanic Protection

    1. Aluminum in contact with masonry, concrete or dissimilar metals shall be protected with a heavy coat of zinc chromate, bituminous provide protection from other trades to prevent damage to the skylight after installation is substantially completed.

3.03 Installation

    1. Skylight installation, including glazing, shall be by experience mechanics familiar with this type of specialized work and trained by the manufacturer. (Solarium & Skylight Systems).
    2. Install skylight plumb and true and in strict accordance with approved shop drawings.
    3. Apply sealant, in accordance with sealant manufacturerÝs recommendations, where and where standard practices dictate. Take particular care that the sealant is compatible with the substrate.

3.04 Glazing

    1. Installation of glass shall be by glaziers experienced in slope glazing techniques and factory trained by Solarium & Skylight Systems, Inc. They shall be completely familiar with all aspects of the skylight systems to assure the highest quality of workmanship.

3.05 Cleaning

    1. Glass panels shall be left in scratch free conditions with all labels an excess caulking removed.

3.06 Final Cleaning

    1. After the skylight installation is complete, the General Contractor shall be responsible for cleaning of the glass and framing. No abrasive material shall be used in the process. The General Contractor shall provide protection from other trades to prevent damage to the skylight after installation is substantially completed.

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